Friday, September 29, 2017

Jolly Bar Jazz Quilt

When Zen Chic's True Blue Fabric was first released, I knew I need to sew a quilt with it! I was waiting for the perfect pattern to show off the lovely blue and gray fabrics....then came Jolly Bar Jazz Quilt Pattern by Fat Quarter Shop...a perfect match!

The Jolly Bar Jazz Quilt is another free Short Cut Quilt Pattern, which means it is a quick and easy quilt to sew! Plus Kimberly always creates a video if you are a visual sewer.  Let's grab 2 Jolly Bars and some background fabric and start sewing! 

Plus I even created a BONUS quilt with the left over pieces...a quick tutorial at the end of my really long post ;).

Let's start sewing our Jolly Bar Jazz Quilt 65 x 84"

5.25 yards Backing - Robert Kaufman Mammoth soft and easy to quilt with on my domestic machine

Zen Chic True Blue Jolly Bars

Note: When Trimming the corner sure to save the (4) left over pieces from each 10" square to create the BONUS quilt. Below is the Corner Unit for the Jolly Bar Jazz Quilt

6.5" Corner Units

I chose to back my quilt with Robert Mammoth Flannel, which is AMAZING! It is soft, but not too thick. I was able to quilt this twin size quilt on my regular domestic Brother sewing machine! I will definitely use Mammoth Flannel for more quilt backings!!!

Love Love Love that Mammoth Flannel...such the perfect backing!

Bonus Quilt Time.....
I just couldn't toss all those triangle left over pieces from the Trimming the Corner Piece step so I sewed them together to make this 40"x 40"quilt. Yay!!! A free bonus extra fabric needed!

I just love my little quilt holders :)

Step 1: Sew all triangles together to make 96 squares

Step 2: Trim to 4.5" inches- be sure to line up on the 45 degree angle

Step 3: (96) 4.5" Squares

Step 4: Cut (4) 4.5"squares from left over Jolly Bar pieces

Step 5: Randomly layout 100 squares in  10 x 10 layout and sew together.

Whoo just made a free quilt out of scraps!!!!

Thank you so much for reading my entire post! I hope you enjoyed the mini tutorial for the BONUS quilt too! I love using up all my scraps!!! 

Thank you Fat Quarter Shop for having me quilt along with the Jolly Bar Jazz Quilt Along and for providing me with the fabric for my quilt!

If you want to see more of my sewing adventures - follow me on Instagram @mellierc or here on my Mostly Crafty Blog.

Have a great day!

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  1. Your Jolly Bar Jazz is lovely. I LOVE your bonus quilt. I always save those type of pieces but usually they just sit in a drawer. I'm definitely going to make my own Jolly Bar Jazz and a bonus quilt. Thank you so much for the bonus tutorial.

  2. Beautiful! I love how you used the scraps!

  3. Gorgeous quilt! I bet it is so cozy with that flannel backing.

  4. I love that you backed it with flannel! I bet it is SO snuggly! :) :) :)


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