Sunday, July 17, 2022

Jump into Cross Stitch Book

Hi stitching friends! Sally from Caterpillar Cross Stitch mailed me her brand new book - Jump into Cross Stitch! It is fabulous!  I love to stitch Sally's designs because her patterns are always full color and so easy to read/follow. 

Here is a peek of the six cross stitch patterns that are included in her book.  

Which project do you want to stitch first???

The book photography is stunning ... seriously gorgeous! Plus all size patterns are full color - my favorite! For the beginner stitcher the book includes cross stitch basics/instructions - fabrics, thread count, floss, needles, hoops, reading the pattern, starting and finishing stitching and making a cross stitch  - so much fabulous information! 

I'm going to stitch Into the Wild project first as my family loves to camp. 

Jump into Cross Stitch Book is available at:

I'm stitching two Caterpillar Cross Stitch projects currently:

Happy Stitching!


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