Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Heartful Quilt - Unicorn Kingdom - Free Quilt Pattern

Hello Quilty Friends! When my daughter saw Unicorn Kingdom fabric...her unicorn loving heart was full of happiness! She wanted to help design her Heartful Quilt (free pattern HERE)!  She knew she wanted a large patchwork heart quilt and to choose the fabric layout herself! She is my "mini me" co-designer, which I LOVE!

When I showed her the original random patchwork layout Heartful Quilt in EQ8 -- she said nope as she wanted to make a pattern with the fabric layout. So we started over and she told me where she wanted each fabric in the quilt. I love the ombre effect she chose! She's definitely a future quilter!

Guess what - the Heartful Quilt is a FREE pattern that you can download in my PayHip Pattern Shop (HERE).  The Heartful Quilt is perfect for beginner quilters or experienced quilters who are wanting a weekend project! Plus the pattern is 10" square friendly or use your scraps!

Heartful Quilt 
63.5" x 63.5"


My "mini me" quilt co-designer also informed me that she wanted pink thread for the quilting. I used Sulky Cotton + Steel 50wt Cotton Thread color #1015 and it was the perfect match!

Because I made my Heartful Quilt with yardage - I was able to use every last bit of Unicorn Kingdom fabric for a pieced backing. We both LOVE it! It's just like a magical Unicorn Hug!!!!

Unicorn Kingdom fabric will be shipping to your favorite quilt shop this month and it's fabulous for your unicorn loving little one! Or yourself - because even grown quilters like unicorns ;)

I can't wait to see your Heartful Quilts! #HeartfulQuilt #ABitofScrapStuffPattern

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Have a great day and happy quilting! 

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