Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Penguin Party Pillow

A Bit of Scrap Stuff #ABitofScrapStuff #PenguinParty #PenguinPartyPillow #Quilt #QuiltedPillow #Pillow

Hi Friends. January is almost over ... and the bit of snow is perfect for my Penguin Party Pillow photos :).  This penguin is so cute and I absolutely loved sewing him!  Plus this Penguin Party Pillow definitely cheers up January! 

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A Bit of Scrap Stuff #ABitofScrapStuff #PenguinParty #PenguinPartyPillow #Quilt #QuiltedPillow #Pillow

All of the supplies for the Penguin Party Pillow are available at Missouri Star Quilt Company, plus if you use my affiliate shopping link - you will save an additional 15% off your order ... yay! 


  • Penguin Party Pattern designed by Elizabeth Hartman
  • Robert Kaufman Carolina 1" Gingham
  • Kona Cotton Black
  • Kona Cotton White
  • Kona Cotton Gold
  • Kona Essex Linen Grey
  • Optional: but so helpful: Riley Blake Design Tailor's Clapper and Wooly Steady Betty MSQC exclusive 

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A Bit of Scrap Stuff #ABitofScrapStuff #PenguinParty #PenguinPartyPillow #Quilt #QuiltedPillow #Pillow

Favorite Tip for Solid Fabric: Use a Sharpie to write the Brand and Color on the fabric selvage. It's so quick to do and is helpful for staying organized ... your future self will thank you :)

A Bit of Scrap Stuff #ABitofScrapStuff #PenguinParty #PenguinPartyPillow #Quilt #QuiltedPillow #Pillow

Pattern Adjustment:
I made my Peguin Party Pillow a bit different from the pattern by making the pillow smaller at 18" x 18" and centering the penuguin. To make this simple change I just adjusted the size of the border strips. I love it!

Block Tips:
The Penguin block is traditionally pieced with some tiny pieces. To help have matching points and a flat block .... I LOVE to use the Riley Blake Designs Tailor Clapper with a wool pressing mat. Currently, I'm using the Wooly Steady Betty exclusive to Missouri Star Quilt Company and I love it!

A Bit of Scrap Stuff #ABitofScrapStuff #PenguinParty #PenguinPartyPillow #Quilt #QuiltedPillow #PillowA Bit of Scrap Stuff #ABitofScrapStuff #PenguinParty #PenguinPartyPillow #Quilt #QuiltedPillow #Pillow

I am obsessed with the tiny 1" grid quilting ... I love it!  Check out my Instagram feed for a video (here)  on how I mark my grid lines before I quilt! Hint : a ruler and Hera marker are involved. 

I hope you decide to make a Penguin Party Pillow too. A whole quilt of penguins would be just the cutest!!! 

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Have a great day and happy sewing / quilting! 

Melanie Call

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  1. I have this pattern in my stash and looking forward to making it. I love the pillow you have here. Glad you shared the fabrics you chose as that is where I stumble when trying to determine what to buy to complete a pattern.


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