Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Pressing Matters

Hi Quilty I'm going to talk about a "pressing matter" ;). I'm often asked how I make my seams and points match... my secret....PRESSING and PINS. 

Let's chat how I use my favorite pressing tools! Recently Riley Blake Designs sent me the Riley Blake Designs Misting Bottle and Quilter's Clapper...they are AMAZING! I'm not sure why I wasn't using them before?!?!

Riley Blake Designs Misting Spray Bottle:  
(available here)
This Riley Blake Notions Misting Spray Bottle is perfect for liquid starch or water and for pressing beautiful seams. Airless and non-pressurized, it will spray continuously without leaking or dripping....seriously amazing! 10-ounce capacity. 

I don't like using water in my iron so the RBD Misting Spray Bottle is perfect for me. I simply spray my fabric with my misting bottle filled with water and then PRESS. 

You can also use liquid starch in your RBD Misting Spray Bottle if you like a stiffer fabric. Having (2) RBD Misting Bottles would be ideal - (1) for Water and (1) for Starch. Just use the cute RBD Washi Tape to mark the bottles. Actually, I might need a third one as my kids love to spray themselves with the water mist and it's almost summer ;).

Riley Blake Designs Quilter's Clapper: 

This Riley Blake Notions 7" Quilters Clapper is made of hardwood and is a classic tool used with a steam iron to set a seam. Made in the USA. RBD also makes a 12" version called the Tailor's Clapper.

Who knew this little piece of wood make my seams sooooo flat?!?!? After I spray my fabric with the RBD misting bottle, PRESS with iron, then I place the RBD Quilter's Clapper over my seam while it's hot. After the block is cool, remove the RBD Quilter's Clapper and your seam will be so flat!!! Perfect for bulky seams, half square triangles, or any seam you want flat! 

I used the RBD Misting Bottle and RBD Quilter's Clapper when I made my Starlight Double Pillow and my seams and points were perfect!

Starlight Double Abbie's Garden Pillow 16" x 16"
Supplies: (click on links below)

I also use a Wool Pressing Mat that I purchased from Amazon (here) or Gypsy Quilter (here) and the Oliso Pro Quilter's Iron (here). I totally love how my RBD Misting Spray Bottle matches my iron!

Taking the time to press your quilt blocks will make a huge difference in your final project! Plus sewing/quilting will be much more relaxing with flat seams!

Here's a peek of all the Abbie's Garden Mini Quilts/Pillows ....go ahead and zoom in on my points ;). Read more about my Abbie's Garden Projects in THIS blog post HERE.

Have you tried the RBD Misting Spray Bottle or RBD Quilter's Clapper? Do you love them too????

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Have a great day and happy quilting! 


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