Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Bonus Starling Pillow with AGF Color Master -Vibrant Violet Box

Hello! I'm excited to share my "bonus pillow" made from all SCRAPS from my Starling Quilt! I love being able to sew a matching pillow to my quilt! Plus this pillow is made only from the left over fabric...whoo hoo!!!

In case you forgot - here is what my Starling Quilt looks like - blog post here

My Quilt Ingredients -I made larger borders and scrappy backing!

Ready to start sewing your matching pillow 18" x 18" 

  1. Don't toss those left over triangles while cutting/piecing the Single Half-Square Triangle Blocks (top of page 2 of pattern) AND  Left Corner Unit (bottom of page 2 of pattern) AND Double Corner Unit (top of page 3 of pattern) AND Right Corner Unit (bottom of page 4 of pattern). You will have (24) background triangles and (24) print triangles. Sew together (1) background triangle to (1) print triangle to make (1) half-square triangle. Repeat until you have (24) half-square triangles.
  2. Cut (6) 4.5" squares from background fabric - you should have extra fabric after cutting for original quilt. Cut in half on the diagonal to create (12) triangles.
  3. Cut (6) 4.5" squares from print fabric. Cut in half on the diagonal to create (12) triangles.
  4.  Sew together  (From Step 2 and 3) - (1) background triangle to (1) print triangle to make (1) half-square triangle. 
  5. You should now have (36) half -square triangles.
  6. Trim to 3.5" squares. I used this Bloc-loc ruler - it makes it soooo easy.
  7. Layout blocks in desired  6 x 6 layout and sew together. I chose to randomly flip my all different directions randomly.

 8. Quilt pillow top as desired. I chose straight-line quilting with Aurifil Lavender Thread.
9.  With remaining fabric from fat quarters - make pillow backing with preferred method. I like using zippers - I buy these ones at Amazon and trim to size needed!

10. Enjoy your pillow!!! 

Have a great day and happy sewing! 

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  1. Awesome!!! I am using my leftovers to make a version of a scrappy quilt too but I already know it won't look as cohesive as your pillow. Good job!

  2. Those Color Master boxes are soooo tempting! Love that you got this pillow out of the scraps!


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