Sunday, March 4, 2018

Flora and Fawn Range Backpack

I love backpacks! I love how they hold so many items plus I can be hands free....yay!!! I've been using my North Face Backpack from college (I can't believe it has lasted so long!) it was time for a new back pack! I knew I wanted to use the gorgeous fawn fabric from Flora and Fawn by Amanda Herring with Riley Blake Designs. Those sweet deer and flowers have me all heart eyes!

Deciding on the best backpack pattern for me took some time. I wanted a full size back that was functional plus looked great too! I love Noodlehead's patterns so I thought her Range Backpack would be perfect....and it was!!! 

When I opened up the 20 page pattern (eek)- I freaked out a bit and thought do I really want to sew a 20 page pattern???  I am so glad did because the reason why the pattern is quite long is that she explains EVERY step with words and diagrams....which was sooooooo helpful! I love how clearly written and easy to follow the pattern was! Success!

Making your Range Backpack
3. Range Backpack pattern by Noodlehead  (pattern includes recommendations for interfacing, zipper, and hardware).

I took soooooo many pictures of my backpack because it was a gorgeous sunny day and I LOVE it! So sit back and relax ;)

I was so excited that I was able to line up the deer for the pockets and side panels of the bag! Fussy cutting for the win!!!!

The back of the backpack...even has a little free motion meandering quilting....yay!

In case you are wondering.....ummmm....Melanie- the deer on the top are upside down??? fear because when you close the bag by folding down the top....the deer are right side up! See below- the deer are standing up now ;). If are you working with directional fabrics- you may want the top of the back panel upside down so it is right side up on the front. 

Here is a little peek into the front zipper pocket. Yes....the inside has that cute pleat too!

I also top stitched this bag A LOT because well....I LOVE to top stitch and the more the better!

Because I'm all for sharing my backside on my blog...ha! I wanted to show you that it is the perfect sized back pack.

When I started to place my backpack on this stone 9 year old photography assistant reminded me I was taking too long. He thought this would be quicker than a quilt photo shoot. Ha ha ha- you are funny my sweet child.

After all- I think this back pack took me about as long as a quilt :) But I don't care as I absolutely love it!

Well...thank you for reading/looking at pictures for my really long blog post! I just couldn't pick a few favorite photos- I love them all! Just like my kids!!!

I'm so glad to be part of Amanda's design team and that I am able to sew with her lovely fabrics...THANK YOU!!!!

Have a fabulous week!

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  1. Great backpack! I really like the design and the fabrics you used.


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