Thursday, January 10, 2019

Pineapple and Floral Zipper Pouch Fun - ADORNit fabrics

So if you follow me on Instagram - you may have noticed I LOVE making zipper pouches!!!! Both of these pouches are my own pattern, which means I made up the dimensions as I sewed ;).

First up is the Pineapple Zipper Pouch. 
Happy colored pineapple fabric is just what is needed during winter time!!!

I always like using a bright zipper for my happy! Plus the added tassel...yes!!! The pineapple fabric was also a must for the lining.

Supplies for Pineapple Zipper Pouch - (links below)

Chica Blooms iPad Mini Case

The Chica Blooms ADORNit fabric is one of my most favorite fabrics---those gorgeous florals!!! It also matches perfect with the Jumbo Stripe and Burnish!

Plus I had enough Chica Blooms fabric for the lining too!

Supplies for Chica Blooms Zipper Pouch - (links below)

I've already gifted both of these pouches on Christmas. looks like I will have to make more :)

Have a great day and happy sewing! 

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