Sunday, March 11, 2018

Layered Brick Quilt with Quilt 101

I'm so excited to share Quilt 101 with you today!!!! Quilt 101 is a mother/daughter team that provides  modern PRECUT quilts! Yes....the kits are all PRECUT- so you can start sewing right away!!!

I chose the Baby Size- Layered Brick- Hello Bear quilt and it came packaged perfectly!

I love that each group of fabric is labeled so you know exactly which precut fabric is what. Plus isn't that the cutest quilt label ever!!!

Sooooo- you may noticed that my quilt is a quite a bit bigger than a baby quilt.When I started laying out the fabric....I knew that I needed to make it larger as I wanted this Layered Brick Quilt on my family room couch! So I cut up my backing  plus a few fat quarters I had to make a large lap size (the pattern includes all the sizes!)....this is also why my quilt has more duplicates ;). 

What I LOVE about Quilt 101

  • You choose the quilt. Using the Quilt 101 Kit Builder (on the website here)- you are able to select quilt size,  pattern, fabric for top, binding, AND backing. Yes---it is a full quilt kit. I love that you get to personalize each step of the quilt!!! 
  • It is PRECUT!!!! I loved being able to start sewing right away! Plus the pieces were cut perfectly! If only I could have them come to house to baste my quilt ;)
  • Videos. If you are new at quilting. Quilt 101 has lots of videos to help your quilt turn out beautifully.
  • Fabric Quality. Quilt 101 has quilt store quality fabric including Art Gallery (which is sooooo soft) plus Riley Blake Designs. Fabric quality is important as you want your quilt to last!
  • Pattern. The included pattern is in full color with diagrams making it very easy to follow! Plus multiple sizes are included with most patterns so you can make another version!

The Hello Bear fabric just gorgeous!!! This is an Art Gallery Collection so the fabric is sooooo soft! I love all the animals. It is perfect for my family as we actually have deer (and the occasional bear) in our yard! 

Sometimes I like to quilt something special into my quilts. This time I wrote our last name with a little flower and heart! It's fun to watch my kids find it!

I had to pick the Riley Blake Striped Binding...stripes for the win! The binding strips were cut perfectly straight so my binding looks great!!! Thanks Quilt 101!

Here is a quick peek at that Quilt 101 Kit Builder. Don't forget the prices include: Precut fabric for quilt top, binding, backing, and the pattern! 

Thank you so much to Quilt 101 for sending me my Quilt 101 kit! I absolutely loved everything about it!!! On Instagram- I saw the sneaks for the upcoming quilts and I must make the Flowering Snowball quilt. I've always wanted to sew one, but haven't wanted to cut out each piece with a I need the precut kit!

Be sure to check back soon for a Quilt 101 coupon code!  Coupon code is: scrapstuff10   ---this will save you 10%...yay!

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Have a great week!

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  1. Great finish! I love that fabric collection and the bricks highlight the prints well. I like how you expanded the quilt into a lap size.


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